The Truth About Origins Seminar


Times have changed. There used to be a time in which the majority of people believed in God and even professed some form of Christianity. Sadly today, Christianity has fallen under attack as more and more people compromise their faith or completely turn their back on God. Textbooks today are indoctrinating students with the ideals of atheism, humanism, and evolution. Add to this that much of the mainstream media and Hollywood propaganda are embracing a Godless lifestyle, and it becomes obvious that indeed times have changed. This is one reason why Christian evidence material is so needed today. Christians need to know why they believe what they believe...and they need the evidence for their beliefs. Dr. Brad Harrub provides that evidence!

The Need for Christian Evidence Material

Brad Harrub on location on the Galapagos Islands

Brad Harrub and his son Will on location at Mount St. Helens

On location at Joggins Cliffs, examining polystrate fossils

Brad teaching creation in a public school in Jamaica