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Times have changed.

There was a time in which the majority of people in our nation believed in God and even professed some form of Christianity. Sadly today, Christianity has fallen under attack as more and more people compromise their faith or completely turn their back on God. Textbooks today are indoctrinating students with the ideals of atheism, humanism, and evolution. Add to this that much of the mainstream media and Hollywood propaganda are embracing a Godless lifestyle, and it becomes obvious that, indeed, times have changed. This is one reason why Christian evidence material is so vital today.

Christians need to know why they believe what they believe…and they need the evidence for their beliefs.

Dr. Brad Harrub provides that evidence! Families need to be equipped to do spiritual warfare in these ever-changing times–for our children’s souls’ are at stake.

Isn’t it time you arm yourself and your church family with the tools they need?

“My prayer is that those who are not truly expressing a Christian life will grow and mature with these seminar studies and will begin to focus their attention on what is truly important.”

Dr. Bard Harrub, PH.D

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Worshipping from home Sunday? Looking for some Bible class material that you can study and grow from while quarantined? We are happy to announce and new “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made series” that will premiere this coming Sunday. Videos are free and will be available on multiple platforms. This Sunday we address the value of life and look at how Christians should be treating the elderly–a crucial lesson, especially given our current situation. Join us this Sunday as we dive deeply into God’s Word.


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