Can we get you for this year?

We will do our best to get you in. I am normally booked 6-12 months in advance. Before requesting a date keep in mind things like what time of year, school events, sports, etc. The best way to secure a date is to simply call our office 615.324.5870 or email me directly at or email my assistant Sharon at

How does a weekend seminar normally work?

I normally always conduct weekend seminars, Friday –Sunday. I’ll teach Friday night followed by a Q & A. Then 2-3 lessons Saturday followed by Q & A. Then two lessons on Sunday. Keep in mind I will try to tailor the weekend to fit your congregation.

Can we do a meeting through the week?

One of the topics I am passionate about and often preach about is family. When I’m gone through the week it means I am missing out on my life with my own family. It also makes having a “normal” work week much harder. As such, I try really hard to limit the number of meetings that occur through the week.

Is this intended for youth or adults or both?

Both…however, again I will be happy to tailor it to your desires. I am a strong proponent of “family” so its nice having individuals of all ages present. I also do many youth rally’s, marriage seminars, and men’s retreats.

Do you provide material?

Yes. We will have free copies of our monthly magazine (Think) that members and visitors can take home. In addition we will make books, videos, and audio CDs available for purchase.

Can we use this weekend for evangelism?

Absolutely! I normally tailor each weekend to the needs and desires of those present. For instance, some use the weekend to edify and educate local Christians or young people, while others use it as an evangelism outreach. We will do whatever you all determine is best for the community there.

What do you speak on?

My scientific background allows me to speak on a variety of topics in the field of Christian Evidences. However, I also do a great deal of material on the family and medical ethics.

To see a complete list of lesson topics please go to:

What do you need?

I travel with everything I need…except a screen (or wall) and a microphone system. I’ll have my powerpoint projector and laptop available.

Alright, so how much is this going to cost?

As far as costs, I ask all congregations to pay my travel expenses plus a reasonable honorarium. I have tried hard not to have a set fee…but this has made it extremely hard for my wife and I to budget our own personal finances. An average weekend honorarium is $1900-2300. Please keep in mind this is part of my salary and how I pay the bills.

Can we audio/video tape the sessions?

Absolutely! I’m in the “information getting out” business! My only request is that you not sell the tapes or CDs for profit and please mail me a copy.

What about advertising?

We will help as much as possible. We have color flyers, newspaper articles, bulletin articles etc. that we can provide you free of charge to help generate interest in the local congregation and the community. I strongly encourage you to invest a few dollars to make the seminar a big success in your community.

If you have any more questions just let me know.