You can select a specific seminar or create your own from a variety of topics below.

To book a seminar, please email brad@focuspress.org or call me directly at 615.324.5870.


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It’s easy. All we need is an invitation. The hardest part of the whole process is getting a date selected. Consider what time of year you want the seminar (i.e., spring, summer, fall, winter). Also consider conflicting events like holidays and school events.

What does a normal seminar weekend look like?
We try very hard to tailor our seminars to fit your needs. A typical weekend would consist of 5-6 lessons:
– Friday night lesson one followed by Q/A
– Saturday evening lesson two
– Short break
– Saturday evening lesson three followed by Q/A
– Sunday morning Bible class lesson four
– Sunday morning worship lesson five
– Lunch
– Sunday afternoon worship lesson six

However, again we are happy to try and tailor the meeting to fit your needs. For instance, if you would like a separate time with the youth or families we will do our best to accommodate!

What is the cost?
Unlike some speakers, we do not have “set fees.” Instead we ask all congregations to pay travel expenses and a reasonable honorarium. We recognize some congregations have limited resources and we do not want money to keep them for hosting a seminar. If you would like to know what an average honorarium is please call Rachel at 615-324-5870.

What about advertising?
We try our best to help make hosting a seminar a easy experience. We will offer advertising materials 3-4 weeks before the meeting time. We can also offer newspaper articles, radio spots, etc. if you choose to do those. We will even be available for radio interviews the week before the seminar if you are able to get one scheduled at your local radio station.

What topics do you cover?
You can view the list of topics at the top of the page. Again we want to tailor our seminar to fits your needs. We allow each congregation to select topics they feel would best fit their needs. We may make some suggestions or help in ordering them in a convenient way.

Can we use this seminar for evangelism?
YES! We hope you will! In fact, the current record is 26 different denominations at a single meeting. Many friends, family, and coworkers will come to a meeting like this who might not come to a traditional “Gospel Meeting.”

What if I have questions?
You can always call our office and talk to Rachel (615-324-5870) or email brad@focuspress.org, jack@focuspress.org, or will@focuspress.org.

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